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It’s Time to Make Healthy Eating As Easy As 1, 2, 3

The Real Life Nutrition Membership puts a Registered Dietitian in your pocket!

Inside the site you’ll find:

  • 330+ Dietitian-approved recipes and meal plans (that actually taste great)
  • Done-for-you grocery shopping lists
  • Flexible Meal Planning Course to learn more about realistic healthy eating (160+ minutes)
  • Quarterly one-on-one phone calls with a dietitian to get all of your nutrition questions answered
  • …and so much more!

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If Blue Apron bores you, trying to find tasty and healthy recipes in your free time is annoying, and you’re trying to cut down on how often you eat out, the Real Life Nutrition Membership was created just for you! 

This has been such a game changer for me. As a single person I struggle to come up with meal plan ideas that I don't get bored with, so having this done for me weekly is awesome. Thank you!"

"I love how easy and simple the recipes are. Makes cooking at home a lot less stressful for me!"

"I no longer feel lost or overwhelmed with the knowledge I’ve gained, especially with the go-to healthy recipes in my arsenal now."


"We were getting really repetitive with our meals. And while I like things and can repeat them often, my family does not. So this is a wonderful membership to implement."


" I love having healthy meals already planned for the week without having to put the time/stress of meal planning! It truly has been saving me time and decreasing stress while bringing joy back to cooking!"


"I love being able to find new tastes and combinations that are healthy and fairly easy to make."


All the recipes are simple and quick to make which is awesome! And I love that each meal is balanced so I don’t have to worry about eating extra vegetables in one meal because I didn’t get enough from another. "


"Meal prepping and planning has been a huge lifestyle habit I have done but I got to the point where I was getting stressed finding things or feeling like we were doing the same things. So I have loved seeing other healthy and delicious options. "


"My favorite part is that the recipes are created by a Registered Dietitian. I feel confident that I am getting the nutrients I need. "


"I love that I don’t have to search for recipes and plan a balanced day of meals, it is done for me! I also love the suggestions for substitutions and additions for each recipe. Also, I have been incorporating ingredients I normally wouldn’t cook with, which makes it fun!"


"This keeps me from trying to come up with meal ideas from scratch or flipping through multiple cookbooks."


"I love having healthy ideas and a shopping list! So many less decisions to make! My kids are also enjoying the meals!"


"I used to dread having to do my own meal planning. I would spend hours on the internet trying to find a recipe that was healthy, quick to make, and delicious. Now Brittany Jones Nutrition Group does all the work for me. The recipes are quick to prepare and full of flavor with just a few ingredients. I really enjoy this service and plan on using it for the foreseeable future.”


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Access to our Flexible Meal Planning Course with Brittany Jones MS RD LD is INCLUDED in your membership (additional $59 value)! Featuring over 160minutes of content including:

  • Meal planning grids, templates, and workbooks that work for your busy lifestyle
  • How to Meal Plan in a Flexible Way (45min)
  • Incorporating Meal Planning into Dining Out (6min)
  • Meal Planning on a Budget (8min)
  • Incorporating Weekend Plans into Meal Planning (6min)
  • Meal Planning During Really Stressful Weeks (6min)
  • Meal Planning on Vacation (5min)
  • Meal Planning on Work Travel/Conferences (5min)
  • Meal Planning During a Kitchen Remodel/While Moving (7min)
  • How to Handle the Holidays (20 minutes)
  • Weekend Wellness: How to Stay on Track (16min)
  • Joyful Movement + Exercise Q&A (36 min)