“I am extremely active and am experiencing mid-life weight gain. It has been very frustrating. Brittany really helped me to focus on eating the right balance of protein, carbs and veggies needed to sustain my energy and survive this mid-life change. And she helped me to see that I am so much more than just a number on a scale.” – Katie, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Participating in the 8 week program helped me understand what it was needed to reach my personal goal. I considered myself a healthy eater and I work out, but something in my nutrition was missing. Now I know what it was and I am looking forward to see and enjoy my future result.” – Daniel, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“I went into my package with the goal of becoming more knowledgeable about meal planning, losing a few pounds and improving my relationship with food. However, I learned so much more. I no longer have the “Sunday Scaries” when it comes to planning meals for the week and have also taken so much time off my husband’s hands — he used to be the cook in the house! Brittany also really took the time to listen to my needs and answered all my questions thoroughly, even if it involved a lot of time and research. I would highly recommend working with her.” – Liz, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“I LOVED working with Brittany and Allison. I have been a life long Weight Watchers user, have had issues with how I emotionally cope with food/binge eating. During my two sessions with Allison, I removed my Weight Watchers app and actually began thinking LESS about food. Learning to listen now to my hunger cues and to eat what I want when I want in moderation. Incredibly freeing!” – Hannah, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Worth every penny! Even if you have a small idea what to do – they will hone it in and give you the motivation to contour to hit the goal you’ve set for yourself. They don’t make you feel like a failure and will pick you up if your feeling down on self.” – Scott, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Allison is a phenomenal encourager! She was able to listen to me, process what I said quickly, and restate it to me in a way that made sense. She had intuition and insight into my needs and was very adept with the suggestions she made. I appreciated the way she approached my personality and way of processing things.” Rebecca, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“I had a wonderful experience with Brittany Jones Nutrition Group. My dietitian, Alison, was kind, supportive, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. She had great answers to my questions and very helpful suggestions for me when I found my self “stuck.” The philosophy of “progress, not perfection” is realistic and helped me keep things in perspective and not get overwhelmed. I feel much better about the nutritional makeup of the foods I choose now and and less stressed about meal planning. Overall I am very happy with my experience and would definitely recommend Brittany Jones Nutrition Groupto someone looking for a dietitian.” Rachel, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Allison is amazing!!! Coming in, I had problems with my relationship with food that were very deep seeded that also caused a lot of body issues. Allison listened, met me where I was, and helped me grow. She helped me realize food is just food: no inherent value to it. Not only did she help me fix my relationship with food, she helped me learn to be okay with my body. Of course there are ups and downs, but that’s the nature of cognitive restructuring. She really helped me improve and enjoy eating meals that fuel my body and are balanced while feeling no shame if I wanna go and eat some sushi/pizza. Learning to listen to my body and what it wants/needs has been invaluable.” – Christina, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“I had a TERRIBLE relationship with food and extremely low self confidence. Through working with Brittany, I now know what to eat, how to fuel my body, and how to meal plan to prevent unnecessary stress. I also learned the yo-yo dieting was only hurting me physically and emotionally. I am so much more confident in my relationship with food and was a very freeing experience.” – Stephanie, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Choosing to use Brittany Jones Nutrition Group is, hands down, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I worked with Brittany for a year and don’t have any regrets. Brittany helped me set goals, kept me accountable, was on time, answered questions quickly, and was very encouraging. I reached my goal weight, and my clothes fit so much better! But more than that, I feel great! Brittany helped me understand that the number on the scale is just one component of health. I’m now confident in meal planning and executing the plan knowing that perfection is not the goal. It was difficult at first, but it got a little easier each week. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually enjoy meal planning and cooking now! Brittany also helped me overcome what I called a “sugar addiction” in a fairly short amount of time. She is patient, kind, and non-judgmental. I would not hesitate to seek her out again in the future, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a positive health/lifestyle change that does not include dieting or restricting. I enjoy all foods!” – Ellen, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Allison did a great  job of listening to our food likes and dislikes when creating the meal plans and keeping our budget in mind for the grocery lists. The Healthie app was a great accountability tool.” – Whitney, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“I loved working with Christie Griffin. From day one she listened to what I had to say and was always understanding of what works for one person doesn’t work for everyone. I have gained a lot of knowledge from working with her and would highly recommend giving her a visit.” – Kristen, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Allison motivated me to pay attention to my health. I wasn’t eating much in general, but definitely nothing that benefited my body. She gave me lots of ideas of healthful foods to eat, gave me tips about when to eat them, etc. Before talking to her I honestly didn’t care about filling my body with the nutrients I needed. She inspired me to have a meal plan and it gave me breakthrough in my unhealthy relationship with food!” –Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“My initial goal was to find a balance and find ways to incorporate vegetables and whole ingredients into my every day life. Meal prepping seemed really intimidating, but I found out by taking maybe an hour or two on a Sunday, I saved a TON of time and money even if all I had was just a side veggie prepped. The more I had prepped, the less decision fatigue I had. Allison helped reset of my mindset around nutrition, my body, and living a balanced life. And I’m extremely happy that I worked with a professional instead of trying to Google all of the answers myself. ” – Kimberly, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Allison’s knowledge of eating disorders has helped me a great deal. She was able to hear and understand my feelings. She helped me set certain goals to accomplish before our next sessions. I still have a long way to go, but feel I have developed better understanding of how to accomplish what I need to be successful. ” – Maggie, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Allison is really understanding and works with you in a way that pushes you, but not too much so that you don’t want to continue treatment.” –Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“As a mom with little kids, self care is so important and often neglected. I realized last year that my energy level was so low that I just wasn’t the mom that I wanted to be with my kids. Working with Allison gave me that energy back and also helped me find the new normal for my family when it comes to food.” – Emily, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“I have seen Allison two times. I left today feeling extremely motivated and excited about the goals we put in place. Met the first goal within 15 mins of leaving her office. She has a clear understanding of what I have experienced and what I am experiencing now. I am so excited that I finally have a Dietitian that specializes in Eating Disorders” – Cheryl, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“I had a great experience with Brittany Jones Nutrition Group. Christie helped me to learn more about what foods to eat and why I should be eating them. She also helped me to shift my mindset to have a better relationship with food. I never felt like I was dieting, I felt like I was learning how to be my healthiest self. The meetings were focused on my lifestyle and personalized to my needs.” – Emily, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“I’ve been trying to lose weight for so long but nothing has worked. Christie really helped me look at it as a lifestyle rather than a diet. She has helped me with so much more than just weight loss. ” –Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“This was a new way of looking at food for me! I have always worked with people or companies that involved “diets” or a lot of counting things out. Allison helped me look at food in a way that wasn’t scary and still allowed me to live my life!” – Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Using what Christie taught me is making my body feel more comfortable all day! I’m not miserable and hungry all day long. I am eating what my body needs and still lost weight!” – Carly, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“After years of medically and self diagnosed food sensitivities, I’ve built up a lot of fear surrounding food groups. After just one visit to Brittany Jones Nutrition Group, I left feeling empowered to meal plan and grocery shop. During discussions with Christie, she never belittled me while also coaching appropriate steps to reasonable goals. She brought so much clarity to years of confusion. I’m so grateful for Brittany Jones Nutrition Group!” – Katie, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Christie made this journey a brighter journey for me. I feel like I received more than meal plans and do’s/don’ts. I finally think of this as life change, not a diet. She was so helpful to me. More than she knows.” – Sandra, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“As a college student who struggled with eating habits, a bad relationship with food and just finding ways to be healthy on the go, I decided to see Brittany. I have not only lost weight, inches off my hips/waist, but I now have a whole new understanding of food and the fuel it provides your body. I didn’t have to restrict myself or cut myself off from any of my favorite foods. I would recommend Brittany to anyone, especially college students who are looking to improve their relationship with food. She understands the busy schedule of college students and makes it super feasible to achieve your goals and develop a healthy relationship with food. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Brittany. I have developed healthy habits that I hope to continue long into the future!” – Morgan, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Working with Brittany completely changed my relationship to food. When I started the program, I was binge eating several times a week, to the point of feeling sick. I was eating a pastry almost every day for breakfast or a snack, over-eating at almost every meal, and suffering from heartburn nearly every night. I got take-out or delivery at least once a week, I ate out for lunch almost every day, and I hated cooking. My primary goal when I started working with Brittany was just to lose weight. But I achieved *so* much more than that: Brittany coached me about which foods to eat so that I was nourishing my body with healthy, fulfilling foods; she was my cheerleader to track my goal of hitting the gym three times per week; her recipes and meal plans were easy and helped me get back in the kitchen to cook my own food; and she was there to be reassuring every time I felt like I had “fallen off the wagon” and should just start again on Monday. The best thing I learned from Brittany was probably how to eat while I travel — I travel 3-5 days per week for work, about 3-4 weeks per month. The “what you eat doesn’t ‘count’ when you’re traveling” mentality just wasn’t going to work for me long-term — both for weight-loss and for my overall health. Brittany’s guidance on how to navigate this was invaluable. She was a constant resource for me to go to, especially during some really stressful periods with work. Now I feel confident when I’m traveling and having to choose what to eat from restaurants where there may not be many healthy options.” – Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“The past few years as I have been on my health journey, I have found that everything involving food and dieting has brought me extreme anxiety. Dieting completely consumed my life and my mood. Brittany helped me to realize that all foods fit and that I should not have anxiety about something that my body requires for fuel. Through this experience I have found myself not only better fueled for my workouts, but I have dropped inches and now have a healthier relationship with food.” – Emily, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“I was a longtime member of WW when I contacted Brittany. While WW had changed my eating habits to healthier choices, the knowledge was universal and not tailored to my specific needs. After three months with Brittany, I came to understand what a well-balanced nutrition plan is and that eating a plateful of zero point foods did not necessarily mean it was a healthy meal. I no longer felt the need to “hide” my indulgences. I am now confident that I can enjoy all foods as part of a healthy nutrition plan.” –Lisa, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“I had an awesome experience! Christie was so personable and made me feel at ease. She gave me great tools and ideas to help improve my relationship with food. Christie helped me make some permanent, healthy life style choices. I’m so grateful for our meetings!” – Sarah, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Having PCOS, I have tried all of the diets in my life and I can confidently say for the first time ever that I can live life loving food without guilt after working with Brittany. My body feels normal for the first time in years and I’m grateful for her help as I navigate being my best self.” – Jillian, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Brittany was so wonderful to work with and I’ve seen amazing results since we started working together. I met every goal I set with her by applying her principals of the portion plate, eating healthfully 80% of the time and meal planning. These are tools I will take with me for years to come. She makes living a healthy lifestyle approachable and not overly complicated. Working with her has been liberating!” – Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Brittany gives you the tools you need to be successful long term, not just for your short term goals (like a wedding!). Her goals are to help you to look radiant, healthy and happy on your wedding day and she makes it happen!” – Elizabeth, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Chicago, IL via Wedding Wire

“Brittany was amazing to work with! I have always been a husky guy, and over the years my weight has fluctuated up and down. I worked with several nutritionists before being referred to Brittany, and none of them offered what Brittany does. Those other nutritionists were showing me food pyramids and using a lot of outdated information, and none of the information/recommendations that they gave me were personalized to me. No one looked at me as an individual and laid out a plan specifically to reach my goals until I started working with Brittany. You can expect to work with someone with a lot of empathy, an extensive knowledge base about nutrition/healthy living, and someone who will explore your specific goals and make recommendations to meet those goals. From the recipe books to meal plans and shopping lists made specifically for me, I was thoroughly impressed throughout the entire experience. On top of a very positive experience, I got results! I feel a lot more confident about my ability to plan healthy meals ahead of time, and to maintain my healthy habits even when I go out to eat or to a special event. I can’t say enough about working with Brittany! Thank you!”- Jason, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

“Working with Brittany has been an absolute pleasure! She listened to my goals and gave me the tools I needed to change my life. I have lost weight and inches off my waist without sacrificing muscle or workout goals. I would recommend Brittany to anyone wanting to change their life and learn how delicious eating healthy can be!” – Joe, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

“Christie was so kind, caring and helpful. As an exercise science graduate and health fanatic myself, I needed less help with actual nutrition and more help with my mentality towards overall health and food. Christie helped set me on the path towards healing a food relationship wrecked by years of dieting and restricting/bingeing. Thank you Christie for your guidance and expertise!” – Maddie, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

“I came to Brittany looking to slim down for my wedding, but what I ended with was much more than that. I had tried pretty much every fad diet that exists and was tired of the yo-yo effect they had on me. Not only did Brittany help me slim down for my wedding, but she also helped me learn to take care of not just my body but also my mind, which ultimately has given me so much self confidence. Brittany was available whenever I needed her, often providing advice late at night and on the weekends and even talked me off the ledge a number of times. She truly cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to help them achieve their goals! She is extremely knowledgeable in her field. I would recommend her to anyone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle!” – Jennifer, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, via Wedding Wire

“I really appreciate the help that I received from Brittany. She was very easy to work with and very helpful. I wanted to develop a normal and healthy relationship with food. It took time to break old habits and accept new ones. When that happened, my fears and negative thoughts disappeared. I feel confident that I can move forward and be successful reaching other goals because of the work that we accomplished. Brittany gave me so many tools to be successful. Thanks so much!” – Pam, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

“I loved working with Brittany. I felt supported and prepared to succeed while being taught how to eat correctly to support my training. I was surprised how satisfied I felt while working through this plan. I enjoyed the structure and flexibility the meal planning allowed me. Most importantly, I feel prepared to be able to do this by myself, that the 80/20 and meal planning are my new normal. Thank you, Brittany for all of your help!” – Danielle, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC 

“I can’t say enough good things about Brittany! Before working with her I had been struggling with my weight and nutrition for years because of Hashimoto’s Disease. I tried a lot of different “diets” to get the extra weight off that I gained over the years, but I never stuck with any of them and none of them made me feel any better. When I explained that to Brittany, she took the time to understand my concerns and goals and worked with me to create a gluten-free lifestyle change with my diet. After 3 months of making this lifestyle change, I’ve lost a significant amount of weight (something I thought I’d never accomplish), but most importantly, I have gained confidence in my cooking skills and have learned how to make healthy food choices without feeling like I’m missing out on anything. Brittany really helped turn my life around after feeling hopeless for many years. She really cares about her clients and is super knowledgeable – I would highly recommend her to anyone, but especially to those who have struggled with thyroid and weight problems and have never found something that works!” – Lety, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

“I have always had issues with my weight and my relationship with food. I have done various programs, the most recent being Weight Watchers, and have had success but have then gained it back or quit. Working with Brittany helped to change my relationship with food and focus on very simple things. I am no longer religiously counting points. Instead I am enjoying the ease of meal planning and cooking a result of everything I learned from Brittany.” – Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“I have worked with weight watchers several times throughout college and after college but I always fell off the wagon. I usually fell off the wagon when I got tired of tracking and counting what I was eating. Since working with Brittany, I’ve learned more about the balance of what to eat while still enjoying the foods that I love. Being a young professional and going back to school, I’m extremely busy and learning how to meal plan and set my weeks up for success has been extremely helpful. I try to only go to the grocery store twice a week and cook at home as much as possible.” – Laurie, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

“Brittany equipped me with exactly what I needed: A reset on what’s actually healthy and how to get back on track with my nutrition.” – Lindsey, BBrittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

“Life changing experience. I have tried Weight Watchers, other apps, and this has worked the best. I feel like my 3 month package was just what I needed to get on the right path and continue with what I learned.” Linn, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

“After having my son, I needed a change with eating habits. Brittany was doing a talk at Barre3 and I couldn’t make it so I just called and chatted with her. After a few minutes I knew I needed and wanted her help! My initial goal was weight loss, but overall it was my relationship and how I viewed food that we worked on. She has been such an asset to my view on food! I definitely plan on working with her post partum again!” – Ashley, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

“This package was so helpful for me and my eating. I finally feel like I know how to fuel my body. I know how to give it what it needs, and I have found that doing that helps curb the urges to over eat things that it wants. This program is about being intentional with what you eat. I finally feel the piece of mind that I am eating the right way, and that I can carry these lessons with me the rest of my life.” – Rob, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

“Working with the Brittany Jones Nutrition Group is getting the food education you never had before, all in an easy to understand and execute plan. I swear {my husband and I} lost actual pounds of stress because now we have the guidance and understanding of food that makes eating easy. I can tune out all the “noise” of fad diets because I know my plan actually works! Everything was straightforward and very uplifting. What I thought would be a big challenge for me turned out to be very easy and sustainable.” – Lizz, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

“I had hit a fitness wall. I couldn’t hit my goals–weigh how much I want to weigh, look how I want to look–even though I was eating right (or so I thought). Brittany showed me what I should be eating and why, created meal plans for me and told me how I could improve my eating when I tried things on my own. In 3 months with the Brittany Jones Nutrition Group, I dropped over 10lbs and 3 inches on my waist. Best of all, I can apply what she taught me to fit my lifestyle. I can go on vacation, eat at restaurants and stay healthy away from home.” Tom, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

“The Brittany Jones Nutrition Group pushed me to do my best; to give it my all. It didn’t just teach me to lose weight, it challenged me to learn a lifestyle that would last and benefit me forever.”Anabelle, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville ,SC 

When I went to Brittany, I was looking for help to get some weight off, but my time with her became about so much more than that! While I did lose weight, the part I was most excited about was gaining control of my meal planning and grocery shopping. I no longer feel lost or overwhelmed with the knowledge I’ve gained, especially with the go-to healthy recipes in my arsenal now. In comparison with other diet fads I have tried in the past, Brittany’s approach is so logical and sustainable. I’ve walked away feeling like I have a solid plan moving forward, which I’ve never felt before! – Lauren, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC 

Brittany was awesome to work with! Extremely patient and put forth a lot of effort to make sure I was happy with my meal plans. I said when I started out that my goal was to being able to make educated nutrition decisions, and for it to not be such a guessing game. I am now confident in my ability to grocery shop, choose recipes, and even make healthier substitutions. – Kelsey, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

Brittany was absolutely incredible to work with. She took everything I was looking for in a nutrition plan and made it happen. She was always available to speak with and get feedback from between appointments. She responded within hours to my posts on the Healthie App which made it even easier to meet my goals. She changed my life not only in the short term but in the long term. I have been able to keep up with everything she taught me because her individualized approach was both sustainable and realistic. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to make a lifestyle change that incorporates all of what you love. Have your cake and eat it too!!!!! – Alicia, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client via Wedding Wire, Greenville, SC

My perspective of food and diet has completely changed. I always thought I had to restrict a certain food group to achieve my goals and that always ended with disappointment and frustration. After working with Brittany, I feel like a new person, with an overall healthier relationship with food that I feel confident that I can maintain for years to come. This was one of the easiest and most enjoyable weight loss experiences I’ve ever had! – Kaitlin, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

I am so happy I made the decision to work with Brittany! As someone who hated cooking and never worked out, I could never find something that I loved enough to actually stick with. Brittany helped me stay accountable and implement realistic changes into my busy life that were sustainable. Now you can find me at the gym almost every morning and actually having fun trying new recipes at home. On top of it all, I feel GREAT and have a new confidence I didn’t have before. Thank you Brittany for everything! – Allie, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

This was definitely the easiest weight loss experience I’ve ever had. Just building sustainable healthy habits is huge to me, and I feel like this is the first “diet” I’ve ever done that is TRULY a lifestyle change because it’s sustainable! Brittany gave me a few solid guidelines that helped me implement the portion plate that I’d seen in the past, but was not successful using. Now, I actually can gauge how to plan/order a healthy meal/snack without depriving myself of every treat or following a bunch of complicated rules. – Kim, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

It was fun learning to take small steps that can lead to great life style habits. Brittany helped keep me honest with myself and was supportive of my goals. – Chase, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

“The Brittany Jones Nutrition Group was a perfect start to all my wedding planning nutrition needs! Brittany taught me a how to live a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing any of the foods I love. Brittany was able to incorporate my favorite foods in the meal plans and recipes that were designed specifically with my schedule and goals in mind! I am able to take the material that Brittany taught me into my daily life beyond the wedding. I am very grateful for Brittany’s dedication and time that she put towards helping me obtain the goals I set for myself. Brittany works with her client as a team and is readily available to answer any questions I had. Brittany Jones Nutrition Group’s customer service is amazing and I would recommend this for any Bride, family, or individual looking to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle!

Kimberly, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client Bride, Greenville, SC via Wedding Wire

Brittany is amazing! Her nutrition plans work for anyone and they have helped me become more aware of the foods that I put in my body. I feel stronger, healthier, and I appreciate all the nutrients that are in our foods. Thank you Brittany for all you have taught me! I will continue to share your tips and tricks with others.

-Anna, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Greenville, SC

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started working with Brittany. I knew that I wanted to get my diet in check before my wedding in June, but also knew I needed help with healthy eating habits in general. Brittany was so easy to work with. She really made an effort to get to know me as a person and customized meal plans to fit my needs. She also was interested in how things were going in my life in general. The three-months that I worked with Brittany were a real fitness/food journey for me. I learned so much about myself and I really appreciate all of her help along the way.

– Becca, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client Bride, Greenville SC 

Brittany is a highly knowledgeable, professional, and uplifting person to work with. She listened carefully to each of my health needs and catered my meal plans to my lifestyle. Brittany worked diligently to insure that I never had to give up any food groups. As a result, I have healthy alternatives to all the unhealthy foods I used to eat. Any time I had plans to eat out, she would look over the menu in advance and find healthy options for me to order. She set me up for success by being extremely quick in her responsiveness to food questions that always seemed to arise. In turn, I have been able to find healthy alternatives for all of the unhealthy foods I love to eat. I have not only lost weight and inches, but I no longer have the craving to devour anything in sight come mid-afternoons. Making a lifestyle change is not always easy, but by working with Brittany, this transition has been enjoyable, easy, and exciting!

Chancey, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client Bride, Greenville, SC

“Working with the Brittany Jones Nutrition Group was absolutely perfect! Brittany listened to my wants, needs, and considered factors such as my lifestyle, cooking ability, and food preferences. She created a unique meal plan with delicious, healthy recipes (which were provided), and even included a shopping list sorted by grocery store section! I couldn’t have asked for more. This was exactly the service I needed while juggling my career, life, and planning the wedding. I kept trying to work meal planning and weight loss into my schedule, but was not successful on my own. This service did it all for me with the highest level of customer consideration I have ever experienced. In addition, I ended up losing weight and gaining so much knowledge on healthy food pairing, portion control, and food guidelines! I highly recommend working with the Brittany Jones Nutrition Group!”

Rachael, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client Bride, Washington, D.C.

Brittany is so knowledgeable and her research-based health and diet information is easy to understand and follow. I wanted practical, realistic help with making healthy lifestyle changes that will last, and that’s just what I got. I appreciated the detail with a light touch and a bit of humor. Change is hard, and Brittany makes it seem absolutely possible. She is now part of my ongoing toolbox. Thank you!

Kacee, Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client, Boise, ID