Brittany is a highly knowledgeable, professional, and uplifting person to work with. She listened carefully to each of my health needs and catered my meal plans to my lifestyle. Brittany worked diligently to insure that I never had to give up any food groups. As a result, I have healthy alternatives to all the unhealthy foods I used to eat. Any time I had plans to eat out, she would look over the menu in advance and find healthy options for me to order. She set me up for success by being extremely quick in her responsiveness to food questions that always seemed to arise. In turn, I have been able to find healthy alternatives for all of the unhealthy foods I love to eat. I have not only lost weight and inches, but I no longer have the craving to devour anything in sight come mid-afternoons. Making a lifestyle change is not always easy, but by working with Brittany, this transition has been enjoyable, easy, and exciting!