Registered Dietitian & Dietetics Student Mentorship

I work with both Registered Dietitians and dietetic students to help them reach their career goals through 60 minute and 30 minute calls. Contact me to set up a call today!

Registered Dietitians

I’ve never taken the “traditional dietitian path.” I never worked inpatient clinical, and have worked in several facets of dietetics. My experience includes working in outpatient nutrition counseling for two separate start up companies, food service, community nutrition for the government, and utilizing my Master’s in Health Communicates to land a job in corporate communications.

In 2017, I made the leap to start my private practice working nights and weekends outside of my corporate job to build my business.

I can help mentor you through:

  • Rebranding
  • Signing a lease on a larger office space
  • Scaling your practice by hiring both employees and contractors
  • Managing employees and contractors including quarterly reviews, team meeting structure, transparency, PTO, Simple IRA etc.
  • Working through important legal and accounting situations
  • Building a social strong media presence, email list, and local buzz
  • Finding balance between work and being a new mom
  • Setting up your business for a sale
  • Acquiring another business and/or opening a new office

In a Registered Dietitian mentorship call with me can help build your confidence to take your career in the direction you have been dreaming of – even if it’s going “against the grain.”

Dietetic Students

As a dietetic internship preceptor for over 10 years, I work with dietetic students to help build their resume to get into the ACEND accredited dietetic internship of their choice.

Coaching services include:

  • Short and long term career goal discussions
  • Experience to acquire that will help you open your own private pracitce
  • Resume building/review
  • Personal statement strategy and review
  • Interview prep


  • First session includes a questionnaire about your short/long term goals and questions for Brittany
  • 60-Minute Zoom Call (recommended for first session) – $130
  • 30-Minute Zoom Call – $75