College Wellness


You’ve heard it before:

  • “You can’t escape the Freshman 15, so embrace it.”
  • “Get used to drinking AT LEAST 6 coffees a day just to survive.”
  • “There are no healthy options in the dining halls, get used to eating pizza and french fries.”
  • “It’s impossible to eat in the dining hall with a special diet or food allergies.”

Whether you are about to enter your freshman year, are an athlete, or are approaching graduation, these are probably all common myths you’ve heard at one point during your college career – but they don’t have to be your reality!

College is time for new experiences, meeting new people, and preparing for a new stage in life, but that doesn’t mean your health and wellness has to take a backseat! Prepping quick and nutritious meals, healthy eating in dining halls, and grocery shopping on a budget are all possible as a college student.

Brittany Jones, MS, RD, LD, focuses on quick, healthy meals for those on-the-go. She has experience working as a Registered Dietitian on a college campus in the dining hall, with collegiate athletes and assisting students with food allergies while living in the dorms.

If a healthy collegiate lifestyle is something you are wanting to work towards, Blush Nutrition is here to help you develop lifelong skills for you to apply in college, and beyond.

Meet your wellness goals through developing healthy meal planning and nutrition habits now that will last a lifetime with Blush Nutrition!

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