Hannah Pruitt, MS, RD, LD – Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) Eligible -Greenville, SC

Hannah Pruitt, MS, RD, LD and CSSD Eligible

Email: hannahpruittnutrition@gmail.com

Phone: 864-715-9014

Programs: Sports & Performance Nutrition, Eating Disorder and Disordered Eating, and Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Philosophy: I do not subscribe to the diet culture and believe that each person has different needs and wants when it comes to food. I desire to help each person in their journey whether it is an athlete working towards a specific sport or goal, an individual recovering from an eating disorder who desires to establish balanced nutrition, or helping my client find peace with food and create meal plans that support their daily goals.

Hi, I am Hannah! Nutrition is something I believe to be deeply personal to who we are, what we believe about ourselves, and how we treat our body.

I came upon my passion for nutrition as I struggled as an athlete myself.

As a woman, I believe we can be so overwhelmed by the diet culture and social media messages that surround us in our daily lives. We struggle to find body acceptance and as we mature can feel overwhelmed by the nutritional and fitness advice that is out there. Where do we turn? What is right for our individual body, our lifestyle, and our likes/dislikes?

This is the exact struggle I ran into when I first started exercising and trying to fuel myself for my training and in my everyday life. As I competed in marathons and triathlons, I found myself feeling more and more confused on the mixed messages being given to me about exercise and nutrition. This is where I began my quest for a deep understanding of proper nutrition that would fuel my body and my mind. I received my undergraduate degree in nutrition from Clemson University and completed my Master’s degree in medical dietetics along with my dietetic internship from The Ohio State University.

Before joining the Brittany Jones Nutrition Group, I have worked with various colleges as a sports dietitian, with the Army in childhood nutrition/food service, working as an outpatient dietitian one-on-one with individuals to develop a balanced lifestyle, and as an eating disorder dietitian in private practice.

There is only one YOU! It is my goal to work with you to develop a plan that is specific to your needs and goals. I believe we can do that through using real foods to make realistic changes that positively impact your mental and physical health. I would love the opportunity to talk with you more to begin this amazing journey! Contact me to set up your FREE 15 minute discovery call to discuss your goals, and working with a Registered Dietitian can help!


  • B.S. Food Science and Nutrition, Clemson University 2013
  • M.S. Medical Dietetics, The Ohio State University 2015
  • Licensed Dietitian, South Carolina 2015