Brittany Thiel, RD, LD


Phone: 864-256-0858

Nutrition Philosophy: I use a non-diet, weight inclusive, and individualistic approach to work with you where you are at to help foster positive relationships with food, body image, and movement.

Programs: Eating Disorder and Disordered Eating Counseling

Hi, I’m Brittany! I became more interested in nutrition as a whole in high school when I started to get sucked in the [ever-easy to do] diet culture trends of “healthy” versus “unhealthy” foods, “superfoods,” and what I felt like I should be doing versus what I actually wanted to do. 

I continued on this path when I decided to major in Nutrition at La Salle University and was accepted into their Coordinated Program of Dietetics to complete my Dietetic Internship. While in classes, I never learned very much about diet culture and disordered eating and how they play such prevalent roles in our food choices and overall mental health. This always left me wondering what I was missing in my perspective of how I was viewing food, even in my own life. Since graduating, my passion for debunking diet culture myths and messages has continued to grow over the past 3+ years and has been something that I constantly integrate into the way I live my own day-to-day life. I have found this to be applicable to most people as well, given the scale that diet culture has latched onto in our world through things like social media, TV shows, and even in common conversation.

The word healthy has become toddled and warped over the years to mean so many different things that it becomes virtually impossible to figure out what it actually means nowadays. That’s where I come in! Together, we will determine what “healthy” looks like for you by looking at ALL areas of your health and lifestyle. In sessions, this may look like working together to debunk diet culture’s toxic myths and messages, re-defining health through a self-compassionate lens, and learning what true food freedom means for you. 

When working together, I find importance in curating a safe and open space for you to express and discuss your thoughts, values, and expectations around these challenging and vulnerable topics.

Do you feel like food consumes your life? Are you ready to find freedom within your relationships with food, body image, and movement? Contact me to set up your FREE 15 minute discovery call to discuss your goals and how a Registered Dietitian can help you start this journey! 

Education and Credentials

  • Licensed Dietitian in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Delaware
  • Bachelors of Science in Nutrition, La Salle University 2019
  • Coordinated Program in Dietetics for Dietetic Internship, La Salle University 2018-2019

Leadership and Awards

  • La Salle University NEDA Week Co-Chair, 2018-2019
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Member, 2019

Fun Facts

  • I love baking new recipes and even started my own baking side business to share my creations with others!
  • I grew up as a dancer and still love to take tap classes whenever I can.
  • The beach is the place where I feel the most relaxed and the most myself.
  • I love taking walks when surrounded by nature to take a break from all things technology.