Meal Planning + Nutrition Counseling Packages


Brittany and Allison offer concierge nutrition coaching and meal planning packages to clients in the Greenville, SC area, and virtually via Zoom video chat.

“I would recommend this group for anyone struggling with body issues or that wants to learn how to eat. It will really change your mindset for the long run and the changes you make will be sustainable.”


“I was a little nervous initiating a relationship with a dietitian, but my experience with Brittany was much better than I could have anticipated. She radiates positivity and confidence, and that really helped me during my food journey. I can’t say enough great things about her work.”


” This experience has left me more confident in my body and my knowledge of food. I don’t feel trapped by the diet rules that I subjected myself to for far to long. I learned how to listen to my hunger and fullness cues without feeling guilty when I am hungry. This experience has help me feel more confident and healthy for my future pregnancy and you just can’t put a price on that.”

Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Working with Brittany was transformative! It’s so refreshing to work with an educated professional who focuses on ditching diet culture and the practical ways to do that in your day to day life.”


“I gained confidence in myself despite not changing my weight, especially as I started to feel more fueled in my workouts. Now I’m working on divorcing my measure of health/self worth from the number on the scale and, for the first time I won’t be seeking out any sort of “fix” for weight going forward. Instead my focus will be on keeping myself well fed, healthy and happy”


“Brittany really helped me to focus on eating the right balance of protein, carbs and veggies needed to sustain my energy and survive this mid-life change. And she helped me to see that I am so much more than just a number on a scale.”

Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“Brittany really took the time to listen to my needs and answered all my questions thoroughly, even if it involved a lot of time and research. I would highly recommend working with her.”


“Worth every penny! Even if you have a small idea what to do – they will hone it in and give you the motivation to contour to hit the goal you’ve set for yourself.”


“My dietitian Allison, was kind, supportive, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. She had great answers to my questions and very helpful suggestions for me when I found my self “stuck.” The philosophy of “progress, not perfection” is realistic and helped me keep things in perspective and not get overwhelmed.”


“I am so much more confident in my relationship with food and this was a very freeing experience.”


“I highly recommend Brittany to anyone looking for a positive health/lifestyle change that does not include dieting or restricting. I enjoy all foods!”


“Choosing to use Brittany Jones Nutrition Group is, hands down, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I worked with Brittany for a year and don’t have any regrets. Brittany helped me set goals, kept me accountable, was on time, answered questions quickly, and was very encouraging.”


“Allison did a great job of listening to our food likes and dislikes when creating the meal plans and keeping our budget in mind for the grocery lists. The Healthie app was a great accountability tool.”


“Before talking to Allison I honestly didn’t care about filling my body with the nutrients I needed. She inspired me to have a meal plan and it gave me breakthrough in my unhealthy relationship with food!”

-Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“I realized last year that my energy level was so low that I just wasn’t the mom that I wanted to be with my kids. Working with Allison gave me that energy back, and also helped me find the new normal for my family when it comes to food.”


“Allison is very personable, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental”


“The best thing I learned from Brittany was probably how to eat while I travel — I travel 3-5 days per week for work, about 3-4 weeks per month.” – Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client


“I would recommend Brittany to anyone, especially college students who are looking to improve their relationship with food.” – Morgan

“Brittany really helped me get out of my diet mindset and develop a healthy lifestyle instead. This has allowed me to not be paranoid every time I eat and has really helped my mentality.”



“I was a longtime member of WW when I contacted Brittany. After three months with Brittany, I came to understand what a well-balanced nutrition plan is and that eating a plateful of zero point foods did not necessarily mean it was a healthy meal. “



“Having PCOS, I have tried all of the diets in my life and I can confidently say for the first time ever that I can live life loving food without guilt after working with Brittany.”



“Brittany makes living a healthy lifestyle approachable and not overly complicated. Working with her has been liberating!”

-Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

-Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

“From the recipe books to meal plans and shopping lists made specifically for me, I was thoroughly impressed throughout the entire experience.”



“I worked with several nutritionists before being referred to Brittany, and none of them offered what Brittany does…No one looked at me as an individual and laid out a plan specifically to reach my goals until I started working with Brittany.”



“Brittany helped me learn to take care of not just my body but also my mind, which ultimately has given me so much self confidence.”



“I wanted to develop a normal and healthy relationship with food. It took time to break old habits and accept new ones. When that happened, my fears and negative thoughts disappeared. I feel confident that I can move forward and be successful reaching other goals because of the work that we accomplished. “



“Brittany really helped turn my life around after feeling hopeless for many years. She really cares about her clients and is super knowledgeable.”



“I am no longer religiously counting points. Instead I am enjoying the ease of meal planning and cooking a result of everything I learned from Brittany.”

-Brittany Jones Nutrition Group Client

Being a young professional and going back to school, I’m extremely busy and learning how to meal plan and set my weeks up for success has been extremely helpful.



“Brittany is so refreshing, energetic and helpful – and very knowledgeable!”



“Brittany helped me see food in a new way and was also super helpful in coming up with creative meals! She helped make meal planning enjoyable!”



“Change is hard, and Brittany makes it seem absolutely possible. She is now part of my ongoing toolbox. Thank you!”



“Brittany listened to my wants, needs, and considered factors such as my lifestyle, cooking ability, and food preferences. She created a unique meal plan with delicious, healthy recipes (which were provided), and even included a shopping list sorted by grocery store section! I couldn’t have asked for more.”



“Brittany works with her client as a team and is readily available to answer any questions I had. Brittany’s customer service is amazing and I would recommend this for anyone looking to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle!”


“My perspective of food and diet has completely changed. I always thought I had to restrict a certain food group to achieve my goals and that always ended with disappointment and frustration. After working with Brittany, I feel like a new person, with an overall healthier relationship with food that I feel confident that I can maintain for years to come.”



“I can tune out all the “noise” of fad diets because I know my plan actually works! Everything was straightforward and very uplifting. What I thought would be a big challenge for me turned out to be very easy and sustainable.”



“My initial goal was weight loss, but overall it was my relationship and how I viewed food that we worked on. Brittany has been such an asset to my view on food!”



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Each Package Includes:

  • Initial Consultation – I’ll do a full assessment, we will set goals and set up a plan to achieve them
  • Follow Up Appointments – We will meet one-on-one every 2-3 to revisit your goals, provide additional nutrition education/handouts, and review behavior change tactics to make this a lifestyle and not a diet.
  • Customized Meal Plans – I offer customized meal plans and do not use a software or computer generated program. No week is the same, and no person is the same, so why should you get the same meal plan as someone else? Do you travel for work regularly? Don’t want to give up pizza Friday’s? I’ve got you. I will give you customized meal plans for your busy lifestyle – after all this is a forever plan, not just for a couple of weeks!
  • Flexible Meal Planning Course – We want to be sure that you are 100% confident in meal planning and grocery shopping at this end of this package to set you up for success in the long-term. This self study course will take you through not only how to meal plan, but also tricky situations like vacations/work travel/conferences/picky eaters are more.
  • CONCIERGE ONLY – Accountability via Healthie App – Track your meals, snacks, movement and more with real-time feedback from the nutrition expert! We don’t count calories/macros/points with clients and we will be focusing on listening to your hunger/fullness signals to guide you. Send secure messages at any time of the day, and track your progress all in one place.

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Brittany L. Jones, MS, RD, LD and Allison Walters, RD, LD are licensed dietitians in the state of South Carolina, and you may use your health savings/flex spending account to pay for your package. Each package includes a Superbill provided with the medical license number and ICD-10 procedure code for the client to submit for reimbursement by their insurance plan. Brittany Jones Nutrition Group is not an insurance provider, and it is the clients’ responsibility to determine if your health insurance will cover your nutrition and wellness services.