Meal Planning Struggles Solved!


Does the idea of meal planning for the next 5-7 days terrify you? Do you have no idea what this Thursday will bring and wonder how can you possibly plan for that?

No worries!

Even if you feel like your life is hectic and chaotic – I promise meal planning is something that will work for you. Today I am here to solve your meal planning struggles!

Your Meal Planning Struggles Solved

  1. Plan for 3-4 dinners. Meal planning does NOT mean that you have to plan for 21 meals including 7 dinners. Thinking of it this way can be very daunting and might have you throwing in the towel on the whole thing. Dinner is especially where we tend to end up in the drive thru line or on the phones with the pizza place. Try planning for just 3-4 dinners and include leftovers. It’s better to have the healthy ingredients in the house at the beginning of the week, instead of waiting until the last minute when your hunger is in control and you might not be interested in shopping AND cooking.
  2. Take it one day at a time. You don’t have to commit to a day when you are eating these yummy and healthy meals! Think of it like a meal delivery service – they typically send you the ingredients for 3 meals but YOU choose when to have them. It might depend on your cravings that day, the weather, or even the time it takes to cook. Just be sure to plan for these meals ahead of time, so you can have the healthy ingredients on hand.
  3. Create a folder of go-to healthy recipes. Start now! Try out 3-4 recipes this week and keep the ones that are a hit in a physical or digital (i.e. Pinterest) folder. Every week try one new recipe. Not sure where to start? Check out my dietitian approved recipes here. Each week it will become easier and easier to take on that dreaded Sunday afternoon task. Just think, if you start today, by July you will have at least 15 new tried and true recipes in your folder!

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There you have it – your Sunday meal planning scaries solved!

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